About me - Creis Design
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Graphic Designer and Illustrator


My experience

I have been working as graphic designer in different enterprises like: Experimenta Magazine, Prisma, Sauver, Carlos Herrera, AMAT. In these companies I have obtained the experience to give my projects a high creative and technical quality. I have been working as freelancer for three years dedicating myself to what I like the most: design and illustration.

My Studies

I was born and rise up in Santander, Spain. I always been interested in music and drawing, what took me to study Fine Arts at highschool and then at Complutense University in Madrid. I graduated in Fine Arts majoring in Design. After that I studied a Master in Graphic Design and Comunication en CEU San Pablo.

My passions

I love art, music and travelling.

Music is an essential part of my life. I finished my studies in Violin in the Joaquin Turina Conservatory, in Madrid. Also, I been part of different kind of band like Indrama, El Hombre Pez, Grupo Mezzopiano, Orion Saiph, Blueberry Cats or Louder.